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Wait, that wasn’t the idea.

By August 3, 2021 No Comments

I know I mentioned this elsewhere, but do you remember when streaming was Netflix, Hulu, and maybe a few other “off” brand types (we see you Crackle)?

Admittedly, my husband is the main reason our family has been able to embrace streaming so easily and seamlessly. He knows which devices, where the best deals are, everything. He had his own Netflix account when we met in 2005, and by the time 2010 had rolled around, I was regularly logging into it to change the queue to include movies from the required watch list for an Italian film class I was taking as part of my master’s program.

As cable became more expensive, streaming only became more attractive. Especially as our family grew, the idea of just paying for the shows, not the commercials or the 7+ different ESPNs we’ll never watch was gold. No contracts, no installations to schedule, no stress.

But now, the streaming scene looks eerily similar to the cable TV scene we left almost a decade ago – Peacock, HBO Max, Disney+, Paramount+… the buffet of offerings makes my eyes glaze over the same way they did when the choices were between Time Warner, DirectTV, Cox, Xfinity, or Uverse. Our family now watches more YouTube than anything else, prompting us to consider whether or not we should continue paying for Netflix (we’ve already gotten rid of Hulu).

I can’t help but speculate on what entertainment will look like as technology continues to influence how we watch, record, and share. How relevant will televisions be? What will fill the cable space? Where’s the next cheap, “rebellious” option?? (Lol)


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