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Tailored Coaching Service

The only thing greater than finding a happy ending is helping someone else find one, too. Helping others is my passion. If you’re ready to start a new journey in your professional life, book a free consultation call with me (30 minutes) where we can discuss your goals and how to get there. Need a corporate webinar or workshop? I do those as well! -BOOK NOW-

Coaching Plans

30-minute consultation


No Charges

Success with coaching begins in how you start. Set up a FREE consultation with me to discuss your business and vision, and to see if we are a good fit.

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A la carte coaching



Strategize, brainstorm, formulate, and create with me for 60 minutes. You will leave each session with action items and notes for a recap to keep you on track as you continue to develop your business.

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Monthly Coaching Services



Includes the continuity of regularly scheduled sessions, telephone and email support between sessions, and small project support such as copywriting, editing, basic graphic design, and proofreading. *Starting Price Only

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