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August 3, 2021

It’s Hard Work Being a Happy Black woman

  It can be hard work staying happy as a Black woman in America, but well worth the effort. Regardless of any narrative that the world has, it’s important you…
August 3, 2021

Wait, that wasn’t the idea.

I know I mentioned this elsewhere, but do you remember when streaming was Netflix, Hulu, and maybe a few other “off” brand types (we see you Crackle)? Admittedly, my husband…
August 3, 2021

Nobody wants to work? That’s not it.

As I was paying for service at a local salon, I inquired about a discount I’ve taken advantage of for the two years I’ve been visiting this location. The woman…

Antoinette originally wrote A Book for Black Girls for the little girl she used to be…..

Antoinette originally wrote A Book for Black Girls for her daughter until she realized the world needed a book that celebrated Black Girl Excellence, too. A book idea - that couldn’t escape her mind - became the push she never knew she needed to build her own business. Antoinette's passion for helping others empowered her to create a podcast, The Midday Reset, and has led her to execute a perceptive path in business coaching.

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