I’m the author of A Book for Black Girls, a celebrated children’s book that brings much-needed diversity to youth literature. I’m also a bit of a slacker - I’ve built a life free of cringey obligations and fluff in order to make just enough room for the good stuff, and I teach other people how to do the same. Read on to learn more.

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December 15, 2020

Being An Entrepreneur is Not for the Faint at Heart

I have had a little over a year to really incubate my business from a baby to something with diverse offerings that create value for users/subscribers. It was a humble…
December 15, 2020

Who Are All These People in My House?

I am an avid telecommuter. I’ve been working from home in some capacity since as early as 2010, when I began tutoring students online while also completing coursework for my…
October 2, 2020

Eight Things I’m Thankful Social Distancing Forced Me to Discover

Make no mistake, COVID-19 is not something I ever wished for or could have even remotely imagined happening in my lifetime. But alas, here we are in a wave of…

Antoinette originally wrote A Book for Black Girls for the little girl she used to be…..

Antoinette originally wrote A Book for Black Girls for her daughter until she realized the world needed a book that celebrated Black Girl Excellence, too. A book idea - that couldn’t escape her mind - became the push she never knew she needed to build her own business. Antoinette's passion for helping others empowered her to create a podcast, The Midday Reset, and has led her to execute a perceptive path in business coaching.

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